Friday, June 04, 2010

ZOHO - Actionable search

ZOHO is a company which I am very much follow its offerings. It has got a innovative streak, hard to match. In the enterprise cloud computing, it is one of the companies who has the mettle to make it big. In this blog, I have covered some aspects of it here and here 
Today, they have launched an innovation in enterprise search - 'actionable search'.  We have got used to watching hyperlinks and in some cases content. but our seach never grew beyond rating, customize the search results etc. This is a giant step firmly setting the focus back on search. 
Right now, every seach engine was focusing on how to satisfy the user with its search result. and remains silent after that. ZOHO asks after we have delivered the correct search result then what you do next? 
It will be a nice to see it merged with universal search. 

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