Monday, June 21, 2010

Drupal Bangalore User Group - Meet

On June 19th, we have hosted Drupal - Bangalore user group(D-BUG) meet in SPAN premises.
Since in Bangalore, it was just a beginning of Drupal meets, so we decided to keep it short and sweet. which eventually turned out to be with the warmth and energy of the fellow drupalers. we had couple of talks - on Drupal for newbies and other for Drupal + Apache Solr by Anil.
But more nice was to see the energy and enthusiasm to share their drupal stories and their experiences with drupal. Sumeet explained in detail about his experience in building a drupal application on top of a gaming site. 
Anil was instrumental in set the ball rolling and answering the general Drupal related queries. 
In morning, Umesh (SPAN general manager) welcomed the drupalers and Latish and SPAN PHP team oversaw the arrangements and agenda. 
It was fun day sharing the thoughts with fellow drupalers and put them in our workplaces. 
That's the theme of the open source community which this meet lived upto.  


  1. I think its a great idea by SPAN group. I wish would have attended this (: . Lets have more of these kinds on other areas of open source as well ( say joomla, cake, Zend .. etc )

  2. In CakePHP, I can think of....This time we have got a good bunch of people so it was nice to share the ideas.

  3. Good Job guys!!! Keep it up.

    All the best for next events!!!


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