Thursday, February 18, 2010

Journey of my Blog post

Probably, you are reading this blog post though my Google buzz or twitter or my LinkedIn page.

I am writing this blog in Google docs. I have configured Docs to publish it to my blog. After Google Docs publishes this post to my blog, Feedburner (another application of Google) fetches this post from blogger and using its URL shortening service shortens the URL and publishes to twitter. for which my feedburner is configured. Google buzz fetches it from my twitter account and displays it in my Buzz account and all the friends who follows my Buzz and also the last thing, LinkedIn also fetches it from my twitter account. 

A word can travel a lot......


  1. That is nice feature provided by Google and if uses it all gives a wonderful experience.

  2. yes anony....that is correct. Google has created all the simple tools and they have made them work TOGETHER..that is the best part of it.


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