Sunday, December 27, 2009

predictions for 2010.

My predictions for the year 2010. 

1. Google chrome OS will be a rage.
Though Chrome OS looks like a only-web platform and support to offline content is limited, still it will be a rage due to its speed and simplicity.

2. Google wave will prove as a real challenger to mail, chat. 
In recent blogs, I wrote that it is more a platform than an application. but the way, it has open its API. It will foster innovative application around it to fuel its growth.

3. Microsoft will announce a no-frills operating system.
With more netbooks and web, windows 7 will not be the same as windows XP. World has changed so will be the OS.

4. facebook and twitter will focus more on enterprise solutions rather than social networking.
facebook and twitter ticked more due to its social networking features but to move to next orbit, it has to adopt enterprise. revenue does not equal to advertisements for everyone.

5. Apple iWork may move to web.
when other office software are moving to web, why not apple?

6. print media will give e-book readers a tight hug.
print media especially newspapers will embrace e-book readers to save themselves. Google chrome OS powered netbooks and Google books will give amazon kindle and B&N nook a tough competition.
7. Gadget for the next year will be E-book readers. 
I will not name any one e-book reader, but collectively they will change how the books are read. All the romance about sifting the pages and scent of paper will undergo a change.

8. Nokia will announce more smartphones for android and Linux than for symbian.
Smartphones are weak link for nokia. Andoid will explode only to second after iPhone store. Nokia may embrace android for its smartphones. Goodbye Ovi and Symbian.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Online To-Do list manager

I have come across a new online to-do list manager, which is really cool to work with
A neat interface...write in the textbox to enter the tasks to do. hover on the task to strike the cross to delete a task. All not done tasks will move to next day. 

visit the . it is pleasant to work with.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Google wave: About to explode

I have been writing about google wave

It is certainly a technology marvel. but unlike other google products. It has got a learning curve. and also, you need to get used to this concept. 
We have got so much used to gTalk, gmail, Outlook that we are still to appreciate its true value.
In this article , Howard Greenstein drives this point beautifully.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Google wave: why I got swept off?

I have got my google wave invitation , actually I was longing for it . but off late, it just did not click with me . 

it is a technological marvel. wiki, docs, real-time chat, mail, forum rolled in one cool application. Each application we use everyday, then why it did not click to me. 

Reasons I brainstormed are:
1. It would have been more neat: yes, it does have a cool interface but on a doc, say 5 peoples have entered their data, it is really amoebic in shape. anybody can comment or edit anything. it looks cool as technological piece, but going through the doc takes a lot of diversions.
2. It provides a lot of information. when we want to review or to know who has edited what, it is nice to see the timeline. the current interface looks   to me as if a man did not see light since 6 months has been subjected to arc lights. I just can't figure out what to do of which information. we are used to sequential reading. when this a bit unstructured information comes, then we just feel out of place.

I am used to the gmail or our corporate mail or gTalk which looks like a snail mail for wave standards.
Looks like I will need some time to get accustomed to wave's fast pace.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Outliers and Malcom Gladwell

I was so fascinated by outliers that I bought other 2 books by Malcom as well  "blink" and "Tipping point" and finished reading all.
Now I am so impressed with outliers-10k hours rule that on every genius, I try to apply this rule.
you need to read to believe the book- its impressive research, poweful narration.

I am currently reading "only the paranoids survive" by Andy Grove.

ooooooooooooo End of the post oooooooooooooooo

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