Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tiger on my window!!

I am alone in an empty room, absolutely empty room. nothing there except me, window open. I am wandering in the room, mind drifting from one thought to another, oblivious to everything outside. cool winds wafting into the room makes the room pleasant. 

Slowly walking in the room, my eyes went outside the room - in the open space. My jaws dropped, eyes widened - TIGER - How come here? I was frozen on my legs. It is a city - no forest nearby. How can a tiger come here? 
Watching the tiger with pounding heart - Oh, my God - He is coming towards my room, walking a bit lazily. I run towards the window, try to bolt it up. NO, that tiger stares at me, jumps at the window. putting his claws around the window rods. I try to fight back, pushing the window panes harder, tiger proves stronger. window panes strikes with walls - window now widely open. He tries to unlock it - but rods are stronger - that window is stronger, but he won't give up. he will fight it, he will get into the room.

I feel puzzled - doors are weak, why didn't he strike there? I try to run away, something is stopping me. several thoughts running in my mind - tiger looks harmless to me - Should I open the door?, let him in. Nooooooo....Don't do it, after all, it is a tiger. there is some underground room to hide, I can run upstairs too. but no, I won't, I don't feel like running away. 
I feel, He wants to express something to me, but keeps trying to unlock the window. Me too, feel like asking him a lot, but can't ask - He is a tiger, how will he understand?
I woke up - Ohhh, I was in dream...Welcome to 13th Oct 2009    


  1. Hats Off to your imagination ....This Bolg Desrves a BLOG OF THE YEAR Award . Great job

  2. no..It is not imagination...It is really a dream..


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