Friday, October 09, 2009

Novel Cigarette Delivery System: Initial Draft :-)

I am currently thinking of a novel way of smoking these days which I will elaborate in this post. 

Current situation: 
People go to corner shop, buy a cigarette, light the cigarette using matchbox or lighter, smoke and throw the stub.

1. inertia: smokers has got used to it.
2. In India, there are million of shops, whose bread and butter attached to this system.
3. Smokers find a certain joy in this whole process.
4. You can buy a single stick at a time.
5. you can do some smoking tricks e.g. making rings out of smoke etc.

1. System is inefficient. there is a lot more people attached in this entire chain. so it violates the trend of "farm-to-fork" business model.
2. You need to have lighter/matchbox with you.
3. you throw stubs after smoking which makes the roads/home dirty.
4. It is bulky. you can't keep more than a pack of cigarettes in your pocket.
5. It encourages passive smoking.

Proposed Solution: 
Cigarette companies can deliver the substances found in cigarette smoke as compressed smoke in inhalers so smokers can inhale as inhaled by Asthma patients. They will provide small cylinders with compressed smoke as refills or vendors may have refilling kiosks to fill the cylinders

Advantages of the proposed system:
1. It is efficient and clean system. 
2. you don't have to keep matchbox/ lighter to smoke
3. Roads/homes will be clean
4. you can get bigger refills and keep it in your pocket/ will be lighter on the pocket
5. It will reduce transportation and delivery losses and costs.
6. will be boon for passive smokers.
7. you don't have to go out to smoke. Just be in your seat/ home/bed and inhale it.
8. it won't affect the existing business model completely. It will just realign the business forces.
9. Pollution will be less.

So, Stop smoking, Start Inhaling.



  1. Very good .. Will this be allowed in public place in India. Any idea?

  2. Yes...definitely...It is one of the advantages of this system....You can also bluff the cop that you are using some medicine.. :)


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