Monday, August 03, 2009

Five reasons why rediff page redesign sucks

Now rediff has effected a major redesign of there homepage. I have discussed a little about it here.

It is wrong. Why??

Five reasons why rediff page redesign sucks

  1. Yes, it looks neat. That is it. But a portal is not required to look neater. It should serve the user.

Why we go to rediff – for shopping, fare search, grabbing some news, checking mail. Ringtone download, website hosting etc. Does homepage redesign serve these purposes to help users find it? With this design, these services are one-more-click-away from the users. How rediff is serving the users

  1. It defies logic that homepage should serve the 95 % of users or revenues. Google follows it. Yahoo follows it
  2. They are wasting a lot of homepage real state just for sake of nothing
  3. This design is good for mobile phone users. Not for big screens and big screens are a sizable surfer for rediff
  4. Rediff is known for content and content preview is missing on the homepage

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