Friday, July 31, 2009

PHP essentials - August 2009 Inaugural Edition

Enjoy the PHP with the inaugural edition of PHP essentials.

Grab your copy and sift the pages but do not forget to send the comments.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Half written posts

Today, I have noticed that many of my earlier posts in this blog says that continued..... word and I never post any successive posts. so from now on, I won't be posting anything like this. Every post will be standalone post. 

is Google chrome OS is the NBOS?

Google has announced a new leaner OS Google chrome OS

I have posted about the need of an OS sometime back in may 2008. you can read it here

some of the words were

NBOS(Next Big OS) will be leaner, faster to boot and visually-may-be-less-captivating but true-to-the-definition-of-OS

Now in NBOS, whenever we login instead of user names, we will be options to login based on the service package we are using, suppose that I am using mail from yahoo, online OPT(Office Productivity Tools) from Google, offline OPT from Microsoft, online web designing package from adobe and WB & offline web designing package from mozilla, so it should give me exactly this environment. NBOS should facilitate single sign-on (SSO) to get into this set of services. 

Finally google has recognized the changing needs of the user. Hope Chrome OS is that NBOS

Monday, July 06, 2009

Budget 2009-10 quick review: thumbs up

It looks like it is a good budget, however sensex is down. 
coz it removed some of the complexity in direct taxes and concentrated on core sectors and sectors which has been hit most by the recession. Also it is third stimulus package so government can't dole out infinite stimulus to everybody.
However it would have been better if government would have increased the 80C limits instead of increasing the tax slabs. It would have been more effective

My homepage topics

Now I am trying to finalize the topics which I will post on my site

I have chosen three topics
1. Web technology
2. Health
3. Finance
apart from my profile etc...
Can anyone suggest any new idea that i can post articles on

right now, my home page is pretty mess. but I will redesign it in coming days.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

My Project finished

I am HAPPY  today. My Project has successfully finished and client declared the closure of the project. Credits to Latish and Guru also

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

when is the Next recession?

It may not be right time to share the bad news. when the economy has just started recovering. but I am trying to forecast this as many economists do and they fail to do it. I may also fail but I will be more happy if I fail.

A lot of money has been thrown by the governments around the world to bolster public spending. they did not let the market forces to correct the system. therein they sowed the seeds of the next recession. 
Hence next recession will be caused by oversupply of money and staggering inflation. and we can get into it as soon as we come over the current recession. It could be around 2 years from now on. this puts the date June 2011. ya pretty likely... 

Design thinking at work (Book summary)

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