Monday, June 22, 2009

I had a morning walk today!!

Today, after a long time, I had a morning walk nearby on the bank of madiwala lake. view of the sunrise was quite pleasing. It is a developing park. BMC (not sure?) had put some benches and fenced this area and put some kids play thing like see-saw and some other iron-made things. but I didn't see any kids. Perhaps due to morning, they were not there.

Madiwala lake is quite polluted. water is quite black, even I saw a dead fish there in the lake. One old man, after seeing my specs called me up and told me to remove the specs and walk naked feet (thanks God!! feet only) in order to improve the eyesight. Anyway I listened to his advice. maybe tomorrow, if I go for a morning walk, I will remember his advice.

Thanks old man!!

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