Friday, June 19, 2009

How news sites will look in future?

Did you check site?

first the background:
As I attended one gathering at silicon india where Ajit Balakrishnan(AB), Rediff CEO, he was telling that still we are in the internet primitive era. still our news sites look like newspapers (e.g. we have content and advertising on the page.

so sites like be the future of news sites. I find it a bit more mobile phone friendly. It is true that now news sites are also accessed equally from mobile raises another question:
Will mobile phones guide us in future how we access the sites on the desktop? can't we have 2 different versions for a same site- mobile and desktop version. How it will earn revenue from its home page?. Many in the audience asked the last question. but AB also accepted he does not have a clue about it.

Another pointer is It is also mobile friendly, still content rich page unlike rediff US. It uses multimedia to the maximum extent. It is business friendly- as it sports ads as well. but will take lots more time to load on the mobiles.

what is the way to go? We need to wait for some time to see how this space unfolds

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