Friday, June 26, 2009

Microsoft PHP developers day: jQuery Presentation

Yesterday, I went to Microsoft PHP developers day. There Deepak has given a nice presentation on jQuery. 
If you are interested in web technology, javascript and jQuery, then you may be interested in this

Links to presentation:

Monday, June 22, 2009

I had a morning walk today!!

Today, after a long time, I had a morning walk nearby on the bank of madiwala lake. view of the sunrise was quite pleasing. It is a developing park. BMC (not sure?) had put some benches and fenced this area and put some kids play thing like see-saw and some other iron-made things. but I didn't see any kids. Perhaps due to morning, they were not there.

Madiwala lake is quite polluted. water is quite black, even I saw a dead fish there in the lake. One old man, after seeing my specs called me up and told me to remove the specs and walk naked feet (thanks God!! feet only) in order to improve the eyesight. Anyway I listened to his advice. maybe tomorrow, if I go for a morning walk, I will remember his advice.

Thanks old man!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

How news sites will look in future?

Did you check site?

first the background:
As I attended one gathering at silicon india where Ajit Balakrishnan(AB), Rediff CEO, he was telling that still we are in the internet primitive era. still our news sites look like newspapers (e.g. we have content and advertising on the page.

so sites like be the future of news sites. I find it a bit more mobile phone friendly. It is true that now news sites are also accessed equally from mobile raises another question:
Will mobile phones guide us in future how we access the sites on the desktop? can't we have 2 different versions for a same site- mobile and desktop version. How it will earn revenue from its home page?. Many in the audience asked the last question. but AB also accepted he does not have a clue about it.

Another pointer is It is also mobile friendly, still content rich page unlike rediff US. It uses multimedia to the maximum extent. It is business friendly- as it sports ads as well. but will take lots more time to load on the mobiles.

what is the way to go? We need to wait for some time to see how this space unfolds

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to build a personal brand

This article tells how to build a personal brand using technology

it discusses about use of blogging, attending industry events and
using professional networking site

Anybody have any more idea about it, please write in comments

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Silicon India Bangalore meet diary

I have attended the Silicon India seminar on 6th of June, 2009. I have listened to Sanjeev Bhikchandani(SB) of Naukri fame and Ajit Balkrishnan(AB) of Rediff on entrepreneurship

SB in his address recalled his journey about naukri and handed out some tips for inspiring entrepreneurs:

ü       You need to be persistent

ü       Be frugal

ü       Be first mover

ü       Solve an unsolved problem

ü       Do some real work for real money

ü       Get consumer insights etc…


AB in his address compared the internet with automotive industry.

Like automotives in earlier days was called horseless carriages. To remove this tag, it took industry about 20 years.

In same way, state of internet is like horseless carriage now. Now slowly it is moving to next stage with mobile internet.

But about repeated questions about how to monetize rediff on internet, they themselves didn’t have any clue. Since users are moving to mobiles so they are following it.

AB also told that portals look like newspaper still and they need to evolve with the times as they did it with rediff US version. They will be more like application based.


Ritesh Banglani of IDG ventures put some interesting facts like what they presumed 2-3 back for internet in Indian market. Whether it was proved wrong or right.


ü       Internet user base will grow rapidly: wrong

ü       Utility services will lead India online market: true

ü       Pure advertising modes are unviable: true

ü       E-commerce for soft goods work: uncertain

ü       Rich media models are unviable: false

ü       Tech enablers and intermediaries will create value: uncertain

ü       Assisted internet services for mass market: uncertain

ü       Local languages markets growth slow: true



I also came to know about Amazon web services (AWS). I find it is a pretty decent service for the entrepreneurs. More about this conference in next post



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