Monday, May 26, 2008

Next Big OS (NBOS): Part 1

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OS is the most basic requirements of a computer. Certainly it should not be a resources hog. It should be minimal. An OS is required to do the

1. Memory management

2. I/O management

3. Peripheral management

4. Disk management

Now as computing is evolving and users are getting more restless and demanding, OS companies are stashing everything in the OS - better and intuitive UI, supporting many more peripherals and supporting older platforms etc, which turn OS into resources’ hog as vista has become. Users have to upgrade their hardware to enjoy the full capabilities of vista and sometimes just to install it.

NBOS will be leaner, faster to boot and visually-may-be-less-captivating but true-to-the-definition-of-OS. In future, USB port will be standardized and this will make things easier.

Current OS does not reflect changing user needs. Now users are increasingly lapping up the web 2.0 apps and web 2.0 apps are maturing progressively. Now there is a strong need for tighter integration between offline software and online services. Since ubiquitous web becoming more of a reality, we will see web based service based software to become the next rage and offline software will be complimentary to the service. However the offline software will be more feature-rich and will be for power users, still it will be free. Since ODF and OOXML debate is raging, whatever the outcome, the OPT will have common interchangeable format which could change the entire OPT software industry where currently Microsoft rules the roost.

Now in NBOS, whenever we login instead of user names, we will be options to login based on the service package we are using, suppose that I am using mail from yahoo, online OPT from Google, offline OPT from Microsoft, online web designing package from adobe and WB & offline web designing package from mozilla, so it should give me exactly this environment. NBOS should facilitate single sign-on (SSO) to get into this set of services.


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  1. Nice thoughts about the upcoming technology. I appreciate and suggest the author to work more towards realzation.

  2. Thanks for writing this.


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