Monday, July 09, 2007

Tamil police thinks Boeing 747 costs Rs 1,600

Source: IBNLive

New Delhi: Handling paper work, maintaining huge records and fighting crime at the same time. Tamil Nadu police perhaps have too much on their hands.

Otherwise, can you imagine a cycle being worth around Rs 90, 000? But according to a police record in Tamil Nadu, it is valued at over Rs 91,000.

Meanwhile, an ordinary motorcycle is valued at over Rs 11 lakh. And that’s not all. Another bloomer that could make you rich is by owning a moped, which the police records value at over Rs 90 lakh.

The 2006 annual report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India lists quite a number of similar goofups, and it makes an amusing list.

For instance, in one particular case, musical instruments were classified as Agricultural Products. And another one is worth its letters in gold.

Seventy grams of gold was valued at Rs 20 lakh! Now we know why all that gold smuggled from the Gulf is sold here in the south.

The police seem to have hit the bull's eye with this one: 15,000 buffaloes reported lost in a single case.

A Boeing 747 jumbo, black in colour, is missing in Madurai and it's worth Rs 1,600.

And here is a feat even Scotland Yard would envy. There were 115 FIRs filed even before crimes were committed! Now that's what's called foresight.

The police, however, are speechless when asked about the bloomers.

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