Thursday, May 10, 2007

Adam was from Tamilnadu!!!

Till now, we knew that Adam was the first guy who has been created by God....but we did not know where he used to live. but our research now suggests that he was from Tamilnadu and it also traverses a middle path between science and religion (read Bible and Darwin's theory of evolution) see..Darwin's theory suggests that All the human beings are direct descendants of monkey and in Tamilnadu, we have a culture of putting father's name as initial according to Darwin's theory, Adam' father must be monkey.. yes true, that's what his name suggests.. Actually his first name must have been Ada (looks cute also: God had specially devoted 1 week
including weekends to select this name) and as per tradition ( do not ask me how this tradition existed, it is subject of another research) his father's initials has been appended ...but on the due course of time the dot between ada and m got blurred ..and we came to know his name as Adam.
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