Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Can never get more bizarre !!!

Train driver in Bihar asks passengers to push
Link : Indian Express
Patna, May 16: Hundreds of rail passengers got more than they had bargained for when the driver of their train asked them to get out and push.
It took more than half an hour to move the stalled electric train 12 feet (4 metres) so that it touched live overhead wires and was able to resume its journey, officials said on Wednesday.
The incident occurred in Bihar on Tuesday after a passenger pulled the train's emergency chain and it halted in a 'neutral zone', a short length of track where there is no power in the overhead wires.
"In so many years of service in the railways, I have never come across such a bizarre incident," said Deepak Kumar Jha, a spokesman for Indian Railways.
A train's momentum usually allows it to continue moving through neutral zones.

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