Monday, February 20, 2006

Double standards

Did we ever think that why politicians and other high-profile people get away with a mere resignation and “quitting the job” while other mortals, who are told every time that ‘law of the land will prevail’ languish in jails for petty crimes.
It has happened thousand of times.
When Jagdish tytler has resigned over his role in Sikh riots, his quitting the post only washed all his sins and thousands of innocents have to pay their lives for making no wrong. If their life worth only this?
Why media and public demand only his quitting? Why not he tried in same manner as a petty thief or murderer is? Why media does not follow-up any story to its logical conclusion.
I am writing this in the context of recent CNN-IBN expose of UP ministers in offences like drug-peddling, hawala, security money, possession of illegal arms etc.

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