Sunday, August 03, 2014

5 Things Entrepreneurs can learn from Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is a 24 year old American country singer / songwriter. She has won 7 Grammys and she has produced 4 albums
  1. Taylor swift
  2. Fearless
  3. Speak now
  4. Red
She is only female singer and 4th singer overall to sell 1 million albums thrice in a row after Beatles, Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson.

Entrepreneurs can learn from her:
  1. Find your niche: She is a stockbroker’s daughter from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. It is quite uncharacteristic profile for a country singer but found her niche as a “stay nice girl while having fun” which is quite unfamiliar in US music industry.
  2. Follow your guts: When she was 14, she got a 1 year development deal from RCA records - one of the largest record labels in USA for writing song. After 1 year RCA records wanted her to sign another development deal till she is 18 which she refused and signed a record deal with a startup - Big Machine Records (She was the first singer on its rolls). RCA records also wanted her to sing other writer’s songs which is quite a norm in the industry that proposition - she refused as well. and she has written or co-written all her songs in all her albums
  3. Take care of your customers (Connect to your fans): She is one of most accessible celebrities to her fans. During her shows, she has designed multiple ways to connect to her fans - inviting fans to tea parties, hugging and meeting fans during the shows, singing couple of songs for her fans who are sitting far behind in the stadium - which no other singer does.
  4. Understand social media and innovation: She is one of the most popular celebrities on social media (41 million + followers on twitter). she was among the first celebrities who understood the power of social media and shared family videos, hangouts with fans. She even announced her Red album on Youtube channel instead of traditional media. She also brings fellow singers to her shows to keep her fans excited in her shows as part of innovation.
  5. Invest in your business: Kind of success, she has achieved, no other singer runs their own management. While other singers and celebrities outsource their management to others, she runs her own show. This way, she provides her fans a seamless integration from writing her songs to finally showcasing her songs.

  1. Stay connected to your family: She is most probably - only singer / song writer who instagrams / tweets pictures of her family members, brings her parents to her shows and keep her parent part of management. In fact, her parents are integral part of her management team.

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