Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Designing a Performance appraisal system for startups that works Part-1


Yesterday when Anand was about to leave office, his manager Srinivas came to his seat.

Srinivas: Hey Anand, tomorrow is last day for submitting your annual appraisal form. can we meet tomorrow afternoon?

Anand: ya, sure.

Srinivas(taking a deep breath):  tomorrow is too hectic. I have to finish all the appraisal work, 7 in all and I need to send monthly progress report to customer also.

Anand:  what!! how can you judge 1 year of performance of 7 engineers in less than 2 hrs!!

Srinivas: but we have to close it tomorrow, man. That is hard deadline.

Anand(sighs): ok, we will meet tomorrow then.

Srinivas leaves.

In most of the companies, Annual appraisal process has become a ritual and instead of improving the performance or measuring it, it does the opposite.

So, what are the problems in current annual appraisal process. There is tons of them. Read it here.

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