Friday, June 27, 2014

Creating a social organisation: Everyone is a salesperson

Importance of social media in your business growth and message communication is growing as 73% of total internet population is using social media. According to 2013 report, among the fortune 500 companies, 77% are on twitter and 70% on facebook

So what it takes for a small company or startups to build a social organisation with a shoestring budget? According to forbes, social media strategies fail due to these reasons:

1. Values Don’t Match
2. Not consistent
3. Misunderstanding How Social Media Really Works
4. Not Providing Anything Different
5. Shouting, Not Listening
6. Lack of Monitoring and Measuring

In most organisations, social media is a different team and even employees (internal stakeholders) of the organisation are not aware of the social media goals of the company. so where does it leave a small company or a startup, who has less or no money to spend on social media compared to their larger counterparts?

Every company, big and small, train their employees in their technical and behavioral skills but not on social media skills. If small companies train their employees on social media skills and skill them to be ambassadors and salesperson on social media instead of just being a technical or HR or operation executive. In most of the organisations, social media is still discouraged as social media is a relatively new phenomena and companies are taking baby steps to embrace it.

Instead of a hired team for social media, if entire company becomes its ambassadors of its social media goals then it will have a more consistent voice and more company value and goal driven.

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