Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Does Google + override facebook ?

I have started using google + from few days for now ( although not geeky )
There are lot of debates happening between facebook and google lovers, typical
human psycology. There are only few who gave their honest feedback for new googles venture.

Although I am not big fan of social networking sites, I am an active member of facebook ( orkut...long back ).

I felt google + is an improved version of facebooks features..
there are no add-ons. Google+ is fast and integrated nicely and wisely into google products. Even though circle concept looks cool..featurewise its not different than Facebook. Like concept was a big hit for facebook and now we have 'plus' concept in G+. Privacy was one of the main concept google promised about for G+ and implemented. I remember this much privacy is already there in FB.

I couldnot find anything new in google+ and disappointed with it.
People are joining to G+ just to explore what they get new in + app ( as I did ).

We expect more from google, a brand itself. What do you say ?? post your comments........

ooooooooooooo End of the post oooooooooooooooo


  1. I find it different in some respect from facebook.
    1. Privacy - with circle, you can decide where some post you (do not) want to post to
    2. faster, more stylish
    3. it is integrated with google. if you are used any of the webservice, you will receive notifications ... reminds me of hutch ad (wherever you go, our network follows)
    4. circle - google circles are asymmetric but facebook groups are symmetric. in circle, i can follow somebody without getting followed if somebody does not want to follow me. while facebook groups are symmetric. in order to form group, everyone has to agree.

    @Pooja, due to point #2, it is addictive. so not to worry, slowly, you will start loving G+

  2. yeah.. right
    so it is improved version of FB... you can say (FB + twitter )
    Expectation is more from google. Let's see... google blog says it is just a starter ( field entry! ).. so more to come !!!


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