Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Does Google + override facebook ?

I have started using google + from few days for now ( although not geeky )
There are lot of debates happening between facebook and google lovers, typical
human psycology. There are only few who gave their honest feedback for new googles venture.

Although I am not big fan of social networking sites, I am an active member of facebook ( orkut...long back ).

I felt google + is an improved version of facebooks features..
there are no add-ons. Google+ is fast and integrated nicely and wisely into google products. Even though circle concept looks cool..featurewise its not different than Facebook. Like concept was a big hit for facebook and now we have 'plus' concept in G+. Privacy was one of the main concept google promised about for G+ and implemented. I remember this much privacy is already there in FB.

I couldnot find anything new in google+ and disappointed with it.
People are joining to G+ just to explore what they get new in + app ( as I did ).

We expect more from google, a brand itself. What do you say ?? post your comments........

ooooooooooooo End of the post oooooooooooooooo

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