Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Yahoo Livestand will be successful?

On 11th Feb, Yahoo launched a new product: Digital newsstand (Yahoo livestand).

Publishing industry is going downward spiral from sometime. For analytical stories, power of bloggers and enthusiasts are now well established. Rise of the twitter took the honors of breaking the news also. But this model has its own problem i.e. separating the grain from the chaff.
So a mass medium which provides a platform for categorization, curation and serving the content in a pleasing way is still needed.  The Daily Launched on iPad by Rupert murdoch and Apple is one example that publishing industry faces a gap on online media.

Yahoo Livestand fills exactly this gap.

At one hand, it will provide a powerful tool for content creators to come up with a new experience on the web. on the other hand, it will provide advertisers to embrace the online medium.
For users, this model scales to different platforms i.e. iPad, Android (announced) and desktop(Planned) to provide them with a seamless experience across devices and platoforms to create a compelling experience.
Initially, Yahoo has planned to launch it with its own content, then more publishers will gradually come onboard.

Waiting for the experience........

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