Thursday, August 12, 2010

Facebook publish - bug

I am using facebook publish feature in my current project.
Its an ajax request and requires Facebook API key and a secret key
Using facebook stream publish feature you can publish content to facebook wall
from your application. It works great !!
From past two days its not returning to call back function after successfull
publish..displaying blank page now (:
Anybody has some idea about this ??

Here is a sample code

// object of Facebook API
$facebook = new Facebook(FAPI_KEY, FAPI_SECRET);
//you need to have a small JS code for this
FB_RequireFeatures(["Connect"], function() {

FB.ensureInit(function() {

var message = 'Your message here';

var attachment = {
'name': 'name to display',
'href': '',
'caption': "enter caption here",
'description': 'enter description here',
"media": [{ "type": "image", "src": "http:///fbwall/ea.png", "href": ""}]
var action_links = [{ 'text': 'some text if you have website then its name goes here', 'href': 'link to a page or your website'}];

var alt;
alt = FB.Connect.streamPublish(message, attachment, action_links, '', " ", callback, true, null);
// callback function
function callback()
window.location='return URL';

ooooooooooooo End of the post oooooooooooooooo


  1. I have found the reason behind this issue. Facebook updated their "Featureloader.js" library and since we were not calling that library directly from facebook ( since it increases perf time) our version of featureloader was not updated !!!

  2. what only writing the blog ...reading it and then posting the comment also....good performance..


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