Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Next apple product?

Next apple new product line may be years away, given the history of its product launches. Still, It does not stop me from starting a guessting game. what could be the next big launch? so trying to put some sense to this entirely unpredictable question, I put some parameters.
1. It should be fun
2. It should be generic - most of the users should be able to use it.
3. it should be touch, gesture - multi-touch interfaces are really they are successful at.
4. It should support apps - the success of apps in their iPhone and iPad provides them ecosystem and of course dollars 

What could be this new device. I will bet on gaming console from apple. Gaming console space looks crowded with Microsoft, wii and sony. but phone, netbooks and music players were also crowded when Apple launched its product. 

so My bet on gaming console.

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