Friday, January 15, 2010

More on E-books and E-book readers

In my prediction for 2010, I noted that e-book readers are the gadget for the 2010.
It is the gadget which will redefine the print and media industry. 
Now E-Book readers and netbooks can change the way we consume data.
In e-book readers, I also include netbooks as overtime netbooks will become equal choice medium for buying and reading books. Overtime Amazon dominance over e-books will be threatened by Google books and B&N.
another change we will see that newspapers will go for subscriptions rather than advertisements with the e-book readers. Till now most of the newspapers were threatened by bloggers, twitter and copy-cats with their  online strategy(advertisement is their only revenue stream). E-book readers are set to change that. you can subscribe to newspaper which will be a win-win situation for all except the newspaper vendors.
Overtime, we will also see the concept of online library like the libraries of our college. which will rent books to students and professionals mainly course books. it will surely take-off the readers to the next level.

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