Monday, October 12, 2009

when is the next recession? - Part 2

Predicting is a tough job especially about the financial predictions. Nobody wants to listen the bad news, forget about experiencing it. Looks like next recession is inevitable. As I predicted in my article , recession is merely 2 years away. As current situations show, it looks to be just right.
Except for consumer confidence, I do not see any much difference in ground realities. But all economic parameters are sounding as if everything is all right. it is NOT. 

How the prices of all the essential commodities are increasing? How the realty prices are heading north? Why the sensex is so high? why china has become so bullish when consumer confidence and spending had hit rock bottom just six month back. It looks like chinese economy is an untold story of this recession. Why essential commodities, stocks, realty, bullion - everything in the world - rising up? 

It is certainly a wakeup call.

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