Thursday, October 29, 2009

Outliers: review

I am currently reading the book "Outliers " by Malcom Gladwell.  I have just read the first 5 chapters yet but still can't wait to write about it.

It deciphers success and its origin. It extends the notion that success comes with only hard work, passion and determination. This book explores beyond that. 
In the first chapter(Matthew Effect), author argues citing the birth dates of canadian ice hockey players that even seemingly unbiased system of choosing a player can be biased. Since the players are grouped age wise so in that group, early born have an unfair advantage over late borns due to physical strength and more practise under their belt and stands a better chance of moving to next stage. It happens at every stage of selection eliminating the late borns.
so in this case, author notes that not only hard work and talent matters but also when you are born. 

In second chapter(10,000 hour rule) Author illustratrates "To become a world class genius, 10,000 hrs of practice is required" by giving examples of beatles, Bill Gates etc. You start early, the better it is.

In chapter 3 and 4, author conceptualize "Threshold IQ". After a certain IQ level, all people success and failure probability is same. here also, good parentage and good environment helps you. A person with IQ level 135 (say) with middle to high family background has a good chance of being successful than an IQ level of 170 (say) with low family background.

I will write more about later chapters as I read.

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