Thursday, October 29, 2009

Outliers: review

I am currently reading the book "Outliers " by Malcom Gladwell.  I have just read the first 5 chapters yet but still can't wait to write about it.

It deciphers success and its origin. It extends the notion that success comes with only hard work, passion and determination. This book explores beyond that. 
In the first chapter(Matthew Effect), author argues citing the birth dates of canadian ice hockey players that even seemingly unbiased system of choosing a player can be biased. Since the players are grouped age wise so in that group, early born have an unfair advantage over late borns due to physical strength and more practise under their belt and stands a better chance of moving to next stage. It happens at every stage of selection eliminating the late borns.
so in this case, author notes that not only hard work and talent matters but also when you are born. 

In second chapter(10,000 hour rule) Author illustratrates "To become a world class genius, 10,000 hrs of practice is required" by giving examples of beatles, Bill Gates etc. You start early, the better it is.

In chapter 3 and 4, author conceptualize "Threshold IQ". After a certain IQ level, all people success and failure probability is same. here also, good parentage and good environment helps you. A person with IQ level 135 (say) with middle to high family background has a good chance of being successful than an IQ level of 170 (say) with low family background.

I will write more about later chapters as I read.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Zemanta for joomla

Zemanta is an extension for client side as well as server side applications. It makes lives better in blogging world. Well, zemanta with joomla is an amazing stuff. We can get it as a plugin just install this plugin and play with your blogs and articles.

This provides tags, pictures, related articles,relevant Youtube videos, howto videos, Wiki invest dynamic stock charts, FM radio widgets, Google maps into our blog post to enrich our writing.

Use it with FireFox, Internet explorer as client side and joomla server side... enjoy writing!!!

Yahoo Geocode API,REST calls and PHP

While using Yahoo!’s Geocoding API web services if we are not specifying any output format default xml output will be provided. When we query this web service using REST calls with file_get_contents(), which is a php function to get the contents of a file, file_get_contents of your query will print you a string as an output. But php treat this in a strange manner as we could not use string functions on this output such as substr() however it will print the XML tag for $Output[0]....etc and so on. So it is better to specify output format as php will give you a
serialized php, which you can unserialize it and use as an array output.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today's mood

I love being busy, doing jobs, working on different projects simultaneously, learning new things. These days, I am doing all these things. Today is no different. But I get a sinking feeling today. I donno why I feel there is something missing. I feel a bit of uneasy solitude.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Google wave: First impression

Through very few persons, who have rode and previewed Google wave, I got the impression that
GMail + GTalk + Google Docs + Blogger + Real-time Colloboration = Google Wave

In the techCrunch review , My expectations were like

1. It is synthesis of Gmail, GTalk, Google docs and Blogger.
2. After writing a text, I will decide whether I want to publish it to my blog, save it to google docs, mail it to my friend or transfer this file through GTalk or collaborate and edit it with my friend. 

But when I used Google wave, It was not what I expected. It was more of a platform than an application. Now wave users will take a call how they want to use it.
It is its real-time colloboration and gadgets that will make a difference. It is more like firefox. It is users who create their own flavor of browser that is really appealing to all of us.  

CSS Specificity presentation

While creating a website, CSS issues takes a lot of time fixing multiple stylesheet issues. Solve many of these problems by going through this presentation on CSS specificity .

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to install symfony in XAMPP

Steps to install symfony in XAMPP

1. Extract the symfony-stable folder in htdocs and rename it to symfony
2. Right-click "My Computer"->properties->Advanced->Environment Variables
3. Select variable "Path" and click Edit and append ";C:\Program Files\xampp\php;C:\Program Files\xampp\mysql\bin;C:\Program Files\xampp\symfony\data\bin”
4. Start the Command Prompt. cd to the location where you want your project directory. e.g. cd xampp/hrtdocs
5. Make a directory for your project using “mkdir myproj” command. 
6. Open this directory “cd myproj”. Type “symfony init-project myproj”. This will copy all the default symfony project files to your directory. 
7. Type “symfony init-app myapp”. This will create an application inside your symfony project. You can close the Command Prompt now.
8. Copy the contents of symfony\data\web\sf to myproj\web\sf folder
9. Now open your browser, type URL "http://localhost/myproj/web/index.php". If everything went right, it will open this page.

Google wave invitation

Finally yesterday night, I got Google wave invitation . I will write preview sometime tomorrow.

Tiger on my window!!

I am alone in an empty room, absolutely empty room. nothing there except me, window open. I am wandering in the room, mind drifting from one thought to another, oblivious to everything outside. cool winds wafting into the room makes the room pleasant. 

Slowly walking in the room, my eyes went outside the room - in the open space. My jaws dropped, eyes widened - TIGER - How come here? I was frozen on my legs. It is a city - no forest nearby. How can a tiger come here? 
Watching the tiger with pounding heart - Oh, my God - He is coming towards my room, walking a bit lazily. I run towards the window, try to bolt it up. NO, that tiger stares at me, jumps at the window. putting his claws around the window rods. I try to fight back, pushing the window panes harder, tiger proves stronger. window panes strikes with walls - window now widely open. He tries to unlock it - but rods are stronger - that window is stronger, but he won't give up. he will fight it, he will get into the room.

I feel puzzled - doors are weak, why didn't he strike there? I try to run away, something is stopping me. several thoughts running in my mind - tiger looks harmless to me - Should I open the door?, let him in. Nooooooo....Don't do it, after all, it is a tiger. there is some underground room to hide, I can run upstairs too. but no, I won't, I don't feel like running away. 
I feel, He wants to express something to me, but keeps trying to unlock the window. Me too, feel like asking him a lot, but can't ask - He is a tiger, how will he understand?
I woke up - Ohhh, I was in dream...Welcome to 13th Oct 2009    

Monday, October 12, 2009

when is the next recession? - Part 2

Predicting is a tough job especially about the financial predictions. Nobody wants to listen the bad news, forget about experiencing it. Looks like next recession is inevitable. As I predicted in my article , recession is merely 2 years away. As current situations show, it looks to be just right.
Except for consumer confidence, I do not see any much difference in ground realities. But all economic parameters are sounding as if everything is all right. it is NOT. 

How the prices of all the essential commodities are increasing? How the realty prices are heading north? Why the sensex is so high? why china has become so bullish when consumer confidence and spending had hit rock bottom just six month back. It looks like chinese economy is an untold story of this recession. Why essential commodities, stocks, realty, bullion - everything in the world - rising up? 

It is certainly a wakeup call.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Novel Cigarette Delivery System: Initial Draft :-)

I am currently thinking of a novel way of smoking these days which I will elaborate in this post. 

Current situation: 
People go to corner shop, buy a cigarette, light the cigarette using matchbox or lighter, smoke and throw the stub.

1. inertia: smokers has got used to it.
2. In India, there are million of shops, whose bread and butter attached to this system.
3. Smokers find a certain joy in this whole process.
4. You can buy a single stick at a time.
5. you can do some smoking tricks e.g. making rings out of smoke etc.

1. System is inefficient. there is a lot more people attached in this entire chain. so it violates the trend of "farm-to-fork" business model.
2. You need to have lighter/matchbox with you.
3. you throw stubs after smoking which makes the roads/home dirty.
4. It is bulky. you can't keep more than a pack of cigarettes in your pocket.
5. It encourages passive smoking.

Proposed Solution: 
Cigarette companies can deliver the substances found in cigarette smoke as compressed smoke in inhalers so smokers can inhale as inhaled by Asthma patients. They will provide small cylinders with compressed smoke as refills or vendors may have refilling kiosks to fill the cylinders

Advantages of the proposed system:
1. It is efficient and clean system. 
2. you don't have to keep matchbox/ lighter to smoke
3. Roads/homes will be clean
4. you can get bigger refills and keep it in your pocket/ will be lighter on the pocket
5. It will reduce transportation and delivery losses and costs.
6. will be boon for passive smokers.
7. you don't have to go out to smoke. Just be in your seat/ home/bed and inhale it.
8. it won't affect the existing business model completely. It will just realign the business forces.
9. Pollution will be less.

So, Stop smoking, Start Inhaling.


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