Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Wish list for the Google chrome OS

My wish list for the Google chrome OS are:

  1. All the useful and offline applications: like Picasa, office productivity tool, offline mail, and offline calendar: It is right that it is an OS which is getting designed in internet era but many times, we want our applications on our desktop only. Sometime the internet connection is clunky and sometime, we are on the move.
  2. Google gears support: It should have Google gears installed and working. What I want that, more applications should support Google gears
  3. My one of the biggest grudge with current OSes is the wallpaper. It never changed radically since Windows 95. It needs to change now. Please make it like Google chrome default page. All the most used applications on the wallpaper and a desktop search box right in the Wallpaper. should be like Google chrome or maybe like igoogle
  4. Google desktop is a nice application. Please bundle it with chrome OS.
  5. For a true web centric OS there must be a service bundling support. Like I use twitter, Google docs, Facebook, igoogle. I must get this environment with single click of an icon. This service needs to be customizable…no going to browser and making our environment click by click.

That’s all for now

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